Enjoy some variety in your shopping, but don’t love buying the same things as everyone else? Ziklag is your answer. Unique products for your home, gifts, and much more, in a comfortable department-store setting. How unique? Some of our products are one-of-a-kind and handmade. You’ll find locally-produced items not available outside weekly farmer’s markets or occasional craft fairs. We also carry a variety of items carefully sourced from across the globe!

You’ll love our old fashioned candy shop, full of treasures from your childhood. Amp up your wardrobe with original boutique items like clothing and jewelry. Coo over natural, hand-crafted baby needs and toddler toys. Discover a new favorite candle scent, natural dish soap, or make-up line. Forget even the worst hair day with a fantastic accessory, or make an outfit oh-so-fabulous with a new bag.

Ziklag Supports Charity! You can feel good about shopping at Ziklag, both in-store and online. A percentage of our sales goes to give assistance within our local community and around the globe. Beyond that, you’re supporting a producer or artisan when you shop!